The National Automotive Leasing and Salary Packaging Association (NALSPA) represents the combined interests of Australia’s major vehicle fleet leasing and salary packaging providers.

The Association was formed in 2014 to provide a dedicated and considered focus on key policy matters relevant to its members and to, importantly, those many thousands of organisations and employees who rely on the products and services provided by the sector.

The Association aims to preserve and, as appropriate, enhance the regulatory settings which underpin motor vehicle salary packaging together with tool-of-trade motor vehicle management in Australia.

We also aim to play a fundamental role in communicating the macro economic benefits arising from the existing motor vehicle policy settings.

NALSPA’s philosophical approach is to proactively engage with policy makers and stakeholders in a consultative, positive and thoughtful manner. The Association is strongly supportive of decision-making informed by in-depth and rigorous analysis underpinned by active and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

NALSPA’s members manage or facilitate a significant bulk of leased employer-provided and salary-packaged vehicles in Australia and the salary packaging arrangements of hundreds of thousands of employees. Based on these numbers it has the largest representation of any Association of its type in Australia.

NALSPA (ACN 169 223 161) is a registered company, limited by guarantee, with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission under the Corporations Act 2001.