The hundreds of thousands of Australian employees relying on salary packaging to meet their cost of living pressures.
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The insights that help Government, regulators, policy makers and commentators understand what salary packaging delivers to our economy and the employees who drive it.


Australians who work hard to manage the growing pressure that transport costs are placing on the family budget.

We help Australians

NALSPA recognises the significant role salary packaging plays in the financial wellbeing of thousands of everyday Australians. These Australians, employed by many organisations right across the Nation, benefit through the availability of salary sacrifice arrangements, motor vehicle salary packaging and tool-of-trade motor vehicle management.

NALSPA aims to preserve and, as appropriate, enhance the regulatory settings which underpin salary packaging, as a modern remuneration and award mechanism to better support the management of household budgets and the efficiency of employer remuneration programs.

We also aim to play a fundamental role in communicating the macro- economic benefits arising from the existing Fringe Benefit Taxation policy settings.


Our Sector

NALSPA represents members who provide salary packaging, workplace benefit and fleet related services to organisations and employees across Australia. This includes the many Australian businesses who rely on motor vehicles to operate.


Tool-of-trade vehicles

Vehicle management services that keep business efficient and moving.

Benefit vehicles

Passenger vehicles provided to employees by way of salary packaging


Salary packaging services

Helping employees maximise the value of their remuneration to meet the ever increasing ‘cost of living’ demands.

Fleet management services

From procurement to sale, including management of leasing, insurance, finance, and maintenance arrangements.