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NALSPA recognises the significant role salary packaging plays in the financial wellbeing of thousands of everyday Australians. These Australians, employed by many organisations right across the Nation, benefit through the availability of salary sacrifice arrangements, motor vehicle salary packaging and tool-of-trade motor vehicle management.

NALSPA aims to preserve and, as appropriate, enhance the regulatory settings which underpin salary packaging as a modern remuneration and award mechanism to better support the management of household budgets and the efficiency of employer remuneration programs.

We also aim to play a fundamental role in communicating the macro-economic benefits arising from the existing Fringe Benefit Taxation policy settings.

Our philosophical approach is to proactively engage with policy makers and stakeholders in a consultative, positive and thoughtful manner. The Association is strongly supportive of decision-making informed by in-depth and rigorous analysis, underpinned by active and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Formed in 2014, the Association provides a dedicated and considered focus on key policy matters relevant to its members and, importantly, to the many hundreds of thousands of employees and organisations who rely on the products and services provided by the sector.

Our members manage or facilitate a significant proportion of leased employer-provided and salary packaged vehicles in Australia and the salary packaging arrangements of hundreds of thousands of employees. Based on these numbers, we have the largest representation of any Association of our type in Australia.

NALSPA (ACN 169 223 161) is a registered company, limited by guarantee, with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission under the Corporations Act 2001.

Who Salary Packages

Supporting the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians

One of the important ways we assist in helping Government, policy makers, and the wider community understand the important impact that salary packaging and vehicle leasing arrangements have on the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians, is to put a face and real stories to these employees – teachers, nurses, aged care, health, charity, public service and  workers from the mainstream economy.

Watch the video to hear from a range of our users.

Facts and Figures of the Industry

NALSPA members manage or facilitate the bulk of employer-provided, tool-of-trade and salary packaged motor vehicles in Australia. NALSPA is also responsible for:

The salary packaging arrangements of over 800,000 employees.

NALSPA is spread across the corporate, charitable and government sectors.

Additionally, NALSPA members administer more than 425,000 motor vehicles, including 190,000 Novated lease vehicles.

The Statutory Formula Method (SFM) is a means of assessing the tax on the private use component of employer provided vehicles.

SFM users are most likely to fall in the annual salary band of $80,000‑$89,999
SFM users most commonly purchase either Mazda or Toyota. The average purchase price of an SFM vehicle is $37,334
70% of SFM users teach our children, keep us healthy, respond to emergencies, look after the less fortunate or serve us in Government
The distribution of SFM users approximates the general population. Employee participation is broadly spread across all segments of the market.


118,000 vehicles sold per annum which utilise the SFM. This is equivalent to approximately 10% of all new vehicle sales.
365,000 people are using SFM annually (2016-17). This supports the Australian motor vehicle industry, an industry with $172.8bn in turnover.

For more information on the contribution of the Statutory Formula Method to the Australian economy please click here.

Our Board

The Association’s Board of Directors comprises one Director and one Alternate Director from each of its founding members. All appointments are made in accordance with the Association’s Constitution.


Mr Rob Bazzani


Mr Bazzani was formerly a top level Partner with global

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Mr Robbie Blau


Mr Robbie Blau was appointed CEO of SG Fleet Group in July

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Mr Michael Salisbury


Mr Michael Salisbury joined McMillan Shakespeare Group as the Managing

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Mr Nigel Malcolm


Mr Nigel Malcolm is the Founder and CEO of Fleetcare,

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Mr Tim Looi


Mr Tim Looi has worked with Smartgroup since 2009 and

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Mr David Fernandes

Alternate Director

Mr David Fernandes has been with SG Fleet Group since

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Mr Bijal Desai

Alternate Director

Mr Bijal Desai joined Smartgroup Corporation as Chief Risk Officer

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Mr Rohan Martin

Secretary and Alternate Director

Mr Rohan Martin is the Head of Corporate Affairs for

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Mr Danny Wilson


Mr Danny Wilson joined nlc in 1996 and as the

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Donation Disclosure Statement

The National Automotive Leasing and Salary Packaging Association (NALSPA) represents the combined interests of Australia’s major vehicle fleet leasing and salary packaging providers. NALSPA is a not-for-profit organisation.

The Association believes it has a responsibility to support the democratic process and make sure governments are informed of its activities, together with the activities of its members and that of the stakeholders to whom its members provide services to.

In representing Australia’s vehicle fleet leasing and salary packaging providers, NALSPA interacts with the Australian political system by engaging with political stakeholders, governments and government departments, the broader Australian automotive sector, regulators, Australia’s not-for-profit sector, related peak bodies and other stakeholders as appropriate.

NALSPA aims to engage across the political spectrum in order to raise awareness and understanding of the vehicle fleet leasing and salary packaging sectors in Australia and will generally operate at the national level.

In terms of financial or related political support, NALSPA is committed to ensuring that any political donations or contributions it makes are:

  • Solely for the purpose of supporting the democratic process
  • Lawful and properly recorded in its accounts
  • Appropriately disclosed in accordance with relevant electoral laws
  • Not made where there can be any misrepresentation of their purpose.

NALSPA participates in industry consultation with various government bodies on a range of issues pertaining to its members. The Association is a member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, please contact us at secretary@nalspa.org.au