The following NALSPA documents are available for download as PDFs by clicking on the relevant link.

Date Title Download
29/11/22 Tax Cut for Electric Vehicles Passes Parliament
26/11/22 NALSPA Welcomes Electric Car Discount Bill
26/11/22 FCAI – Car makers welcome electric car discount
26/11/22 AADA – Dealers welcome electric car discount
26/11/22 AFIA welcomes removal of FBT from electric and hybrid vehicles
26/11/22 FCAI – A technology mix and infrastructure investment key to decarbonising the carpark
31/08/20 An Industry Letter to ASIC re the Sale of Add-on Motor Vehicle Financial Risk Products
22/04/20 Australia’s $55b Car Dealers Teeter
22/04/20 Press Release – The Automotive Industry is already in Recession and needs Urgent Stimulus
12/03/20 Governments Response to Productivity Commission Report on Remote Area Benefits
11/03/20 The Effect of COVID-19 on the Automotive Industry in Australia
04/06/19 Proposed “Super-luxury” Motor Vehicle Duty
11/01/19 ANCAP Media Release – Vehicle choice plays an important role in saving lives on NSW roads
28/11/18 Simpler Laws for Safer Vehicles (FED)
05/11/18 Suv Sales Surge In Soft October Market
25/10/18 Ultra-rapid Charge To Victoria’s Electric Vehicle Transition
27/09/18 Use And Manufacture Of Electric Vehicles In Australia (Fed)
01/02/18 The Contribution Of The Statutory Formula Method To The Australian Economy
05/05/16 Labor Party confirms support of current FBT arrangements
05/05/16 Labor Party confirms support for current FBT arrangements
18/12/15 NALSPA Letter to AFR Editor supporting the Government’s decision on the Harper Review
10/12/15 NALSPA supports Federal Government’s response to Harper Review