Mr Rob Bazzani

Mr Bazzani was formerly a top level Partner with global consulting firm KPMG, where he served in multiple leadership roles including as a member of KPMG’s National Executive Committee (NEC), which oversaw and was responsible for the firm’s turnover, strategic decision making, profitability and operations. He has significant hands-on experience in running and growing large scale and complex businesses, and is well skilled in business strategy and management, governance, accounting and law. He has worked extensively in corporate finance and advisory roles across a range of industries in both Australia and Asia Pacific.   Mr Bazzani is an advisory board member and/or chairman on a number of private companies.  His other current directorships include:

  • Non-Executive Director.   Mach7 Technologies (ASX: M7T)
  • Non-Executive Director.   Class Limited (ASX: CL1)
  • Non-Executive Director.   Keypath Education Inc (ASX: KED)

Mr Robbie Blau

Mr Robbie Blau was appointed CEO of SG Fleet Group in July 2006 and appointed to the company’s Board in January 2014. Robbie has overall responsibility for the strategic development of SG Fleet and manages its relationships with financial services partners. Robbie holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Law) and a Bachelor of Laws (Cum Laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand, as well as a Higher Diploma in Tax Law from Johannesburg University.

Mr Robert De Luca

Having joined MMS in 2022, Rob has over 20 years’ experience in Financial Services, Wealth Management, Disability and Healthcare, including roles as Managing Director of Bankwest, CEO of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and most recently as CEO of Zenitas Healthcare.

Mr Nigel Malcolm

Mr Nigel Malcolm is the Founder and CEO of Fleetcare, Australia’s largest independent fleet management company. Established in 1989, Fleetcare was built on Nigel’s desire to ‘do things better’. To achieve that goal, Nigel draws upon experience from both sides of the industry with a commercial background working with both vehicle manufactures and dealerships. Nigel’s independent voice offers objective insight on issues relating to Australia’s commercial and salary packaged fleets. He continues to be the driving force behind Fleetcare’s incredible growth story.

Mr Scott Wharton

Scott joined Smartgroup in July 2023. Scott has more than 20 years’ experience in financial services and has a strong track record leading and transforming organisations.

Prior to this role he was the CEO of The Star Sydney where he was responsible for stabilising the business. Previously, Scott was a Group Executive with Commonwealth Bank and had held senior leadership positions with Citigroup in Hong Kong and New York.

Scott is a Fellow and Adjunct Professor (Industry) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and a member of the Vice Chancellor’s Industry Advisory Board, and is Board Co-Chair of Supply Nation. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Laws from UTS, an Executive MBA from INSEAD and an Executive MBA from Tsinghua University.

Mr David Fernandes

Mr David Fernandes has been with SG Fleet Group since 2006 and was recently appointed as the company’s Group Head of Operations. David oversees strategic operations across all of SG Fleet’s markets, driving a whole-of-business approach to operational growth and improvement across Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. David holds a Bachelor of Economics (International Finance and Mathematics) from Macquarie University.

Mr Bijal Desai

Mr Bijal Desai joined Smartgroup Corporation as Chief Risk Officer in 2018 and manages the risk, internal audit and compliance functions. Bijal is a senior executive and has over 30 years’ experience across the UK and Australia with companies such as Woolworths Group, Macquarie Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and KPMG.